Sunday, 26 June 2011

Rhodio_Hats off for Venice

Rhôd in Welsh means specifically a waterwheel; it also describes the wheel of the heavens and the wheel of fortune that promises only change. It is the name of an annual exhibition held at Drefelin SA44 5XB in a sixteenth century water mill and its grounds. By extension the word Rhodio means to travel and this show is in the orbit of SA44. It carries the ethos of Rhôd beyond the borders of Wales widening the dialogue between the rural and the urban, the periphery and the centre. Rhôd is a rural laboratory for the development of new strains of contemporary art practice, the recoding of the DNA of landscape theory and the deconstruction of the Sublime and the Romantic.

The rural setting and ethos of site specific work shown in Pavilion SA44 5XB invites the viewer to see this show in the context of current trends in food production and the slow food movement that informs the menu in the restaurant itself. We see ourselves exhibiting in an international farmers market.

Artists with their roots in rural communities and city born artists, both with a real engagement in contemporary life, continue to create new ways of engaging in the dynamic relationship between the city and the country.

Rhôd is run by an artist group with access to an unique open air contemporary art space in a rural setting. Its aims are to:
  • create a dialogue between artists whose practice is based in rural West Wales and artists based in urban settings.
  • specialize in installation art 
  • engage with the local community 
  • encourage performance and time-based media. 
  • encourage artists to respond directly to the site: its environs, history, communities, its cultural and linguistic heritage
  • attract national [UK] and international participation through a programme of symposiums, residencies and exchanges 

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